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The Simcha Central Blog has been created to enhance the support we can provided to the Jewish and Events communities. It will feature all the recent news from us, The Directory and the participants' of #SimchaHour. Incorporating traditions with the latest and most unique suppliers and trends available to those planning a Simcha, attending a Simcha or simply buying a gift on the occasion on the Simcha.


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By Simcha Central, Sep 1 2016 08:09PM

We’re celebrating renewing our subscription to Simcha Central with this brand new blog for the website. As a well-stocked furniture hire company, we’re always bringing in new products that are modern, contemporary, vintage and everything in between, and we’ve always been pioneers in event space décor. If you’re a keen Simcha Central fan, you’ll probably have read our previous blog introducing ourselves and describing what we do best. A lot has changed since then and we’ve been enjoying wonderful summer events and weddings.

So what have we been up to since then? Well we’ve been busy bees and have managed to acquire some of the most stylish and unique cutlery, dining and glassware. Our number one priority is providing you with the whole kit and caboodle – which includes our brand new range. Not only can we provide furniture and styling items, but everything else culinary too! Needless to say, we’ve been out and about with our fashionable furniture and creative culinary stock, and they accompany each other so well. Here’s a picture of our shiny new lime green charger plates over at The Walkways in Tower Bridge:

These of course come complete with our stylish black Chivari Chairs with white seat pads and our culinary and glassware stock.

In addition to our brand new range, we’ve also been raising the bar with our table centres, bringing in some of the most unique, captivating and organic items that have ever been seen. When all guests are seated, the centrepieces really grab everyone’s attention, and having one that stands out works wonders for any event. Lately we’ve gone herbal and brought in some centrepieces which actually grow! Our herb garden table centres are the perfect balance between modern and organic, and bring a contemporary feel to a simcha, with each table brought to life in the most TEHC way possible.

Here at TEHC, there’s no hiding that we’re big on bespoke. We’re huge believers in making sure your event is actually YOUR event rather than a copy and paste botch job. Your simcha must be tailored to you to make it that bit more special, and it’s one of the aspects we pride ourselves on the most. It was popular last year and has become even more popular this year as more and more people are turning to events that are built exclusively for them.

Our upcycled ranges are still making waves as some of the most contemporary around. They’re also one of the most popular item ranges that we currently stock. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of upcycling, it’s simply taking an older object and instead of throwing it away, breathing some new life into it with either the same or a different purpose. Like recycling, just better. The pop colours of our oil drums and poseur tables have spiked in popularity for our summer events as they draw the crowd’s attention and make bold statements, livening up an indoor or outdoor space with ease.

We hope you enjoyed this little catch up. Hopefully we can fill you in again on our adventures and antics sometime soon on the simcha blog, but until then we’d be happy to hear from you. If you’d like to speak to us about ordering some fabulous furniture for your simcha, please visit us here and we’ll happily have a chat with you.

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